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Weight lifting Belt Gym Training Back Support Body Building Lumbar Pain

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  • 5” Wide
  • Made of High Quality Neoprene with Strong Nylon Cloth
  • Closure System Supported by Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Slide Bar Buckle
  • High Quality Velcro Closure provides snug fit
  • Light in weight, Strong Stitching and Comfortable
  • Long Lasting
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Benefits of using weight lifting belt:

  • May help prevent injury to the low back during heavy lifts.
  • Can increase performance.
  • Safer environment for the spine
  • Increases pressure hence gives a better stabilization to the whole area
  • Can increase your ability to lift heavy weights.

All of the advantages to wearing a weight lifting belt come down to the idea of intra-abdominal force or stress.

Researcher says “Intra-muscular pressure of the erector spinae muscles increased significantly by wearing the abdominal belt during Valsalva manoeuvre and during maximum isometric lifting exertions”.

You can better maintain the whole area if you increase the pressure in the abdomen. Hence resulting a safer environment for the spine. It then enhances your ability to lift heavy weights.

Our weight lifting belt is fully adjustable. Its thickness makes it comfortable while you lift heavier weights. The high quality neoprene with strong nylon cloth adds up a powerful potency in it.

It provides snug fit due to its high quality Velcro closure. Its light-weight, stretchable, long lasting and comfortable.

The belt wraps around your abdomen, so that when you take a deep diaphragmatic breath the belt limits how far your abdomen can expand. Recommended by professional weight lifters, the gym belt is a must.

We believe on quality and we do not compromise on it. Customer’s satisfaction is our first priority. We will exchange the refund if our product does not meet your expectations.


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